Ever feeling stuck creatively? Nothing you draw inspires anymore. Pens and paints feel so heavy that you can't just seem to pick them up, or even find the desire to pick them up. Or is it just me? cool.

There are plenty of ways to get unstuck creatively. Playing with colors helps me to pull out of the muddy frustration of a creative block, and re-focus on the relationships between color temperature, and contrast. It's not uncommon to find my mind thinking about traveling, putting up a new home decor piece, or writing down new thoughts as a result. If you ever find yourself in similar places. Try playing these color combinations and see where your newfound creativity takes you.

Morocco sunset

Michigan Colors

Psychedelic Paraschute

Lemonade Stand

November Morning

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Color Therapy: Stress Relief and Unwind with Watercolor

Color Therapy Stress Relief and Unwind with Watercolor by Esther Nariyoshi
Color Therapy Stress Relief and Unwind with Watercolor by Esther Nariyoshi

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