Did you know that you can import hundreds of Adobe Photoshop brushes in Procreate app? Nuff said. Let's find out how in this quick post.

Who would benefit from this Guide?

1. Beginner users of Procreate App

Let me guess, some loved ones saw the hidden creative side of you and gifted you an iPad. And life was never the same. You just can't stop watching art videos; classes. Artworks seem to keep coming out of the screen on their own. Sounds familiar? The procreate app has the easiest onboarding experience for a wide audience, largely without formal art school training (me included!).

2. Seasoned Adobe Photoshop Artists

An increasing number of artists who used to work exclusively in Adobe Photoshop have transitioned to some variety of hybrid workflow between desktop and iPad. It's hard to ignore the significant advantage: portability an iPad offers, frankly, without having to compromise quality. After all, it's a lot easier to draw on an iPad in a coffee shop than, say, Cintiq Pro 32.

3. Anywhere in between

For someone who has used Procreate app for a while. Maybe you have picked up a few extra brushes along the way and are now ready to explore other media digitally. Adobe Photoshop brush collection is inarguably one of the best. Because Kyle T Webster handcrafted them all before Adobe formally acquired them. They were not included in the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription back in the day, and I could still dig up my receipts for individual packs.

Step-by-step Guide to installation

Step 1: Download your set(s) to your iPad

The access requires an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

You can download any set(s) as long as you are logged in to your Adobe Account. I recommend starting with one set that you would like to try and repeat the process. No one needs a cluttered workspace.

I use the Chrome app on my iPad for the task.

Tap the download button on one of the sets.

Adobe Photoshop Brushes Page

Tap the download button on the (automatically) newly opened blank page. The download progress bar is at the very bottom of the page.

Tap the download button in the Chrome app

Once the download is complete, you will see the "download" turns into "Open In."

Step 2: Save the .abr file locally to an app

Tap "Open In" in Chrome

Tap open in
Tap open in

Tap "Open in Downloads" for iCloud storage, or select dropbox or other file storage apps

Tap Open in Downloads

It's not a bad idea to create a dedicated folder for all the future Procreate brushes in whatever file storage app you use. A bit of organization up front saves so much time down the road.

Note: At the time of writing, you cannot yet open the file directly in Procreate; even the icon is available to click. So we have to use a file storage app to host the .abr file.

Step 3: Open In Procreate

Locate the .abr file in the app where it is stored, tap the file. Procreate will jump in and open the file directly.

Procreate imports the brushes

If it doesn't happen for you automatically, long-press the file, tap "share" > tap Procreate app icon to import the set

Step 4: Done!

The brush set will appear automatically at the top, under "recent"

The file format is .abr. For example, I downloaded a set called "Winter 2022 Brushes", and the filename is Winter-2022.abr. That will be the brush folder name once it's imported to Procreate app. Easy peasy.

New Winter 2022 Brush set installed

Resources and Next Steps

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If you are the video tutorial kind of person, I have a few places to recommend

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Tutorials on Youtube

Moreover, Esther also shares her design process on Youtube. At the time of writing, two full seasons are available to help you get started in Adobe Illustrator.

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