On the lookout for more drawing ideas? Got stuck? Whether you are a seasoned artist or someone who just looks for interesting things to do while being stuck on a Zoom meeting (pro tip: mute the video), this article offers you 100 scalable drawing ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

I am an illustrator and creative content creator by trade. Creative block is my familiar foe (or friend, maybe?). Over time, I have learned the best strategy to overcome a dry spell is to go back to the drawing board, oftentimes quite literally. Keeping up a consistent drawing practice is essential for your creative growth.

Hopefully, this post can (re)fill you up again with cool drawing ideas for your sketchbook.

How to Use the List (and Printables)

I have broken down the list into 10 of 10s.

Each prompt is tiered, or scalable, which means you can scale the drawing ideas up or down based on how creative you feel. The highlighted traits or phrases are the extra optional details you can choose to incorporate.

This list is designed for anyone who needs a fun idea regardless of where your drawing skills are. Feeling dry? Maybe start with a drawing of a simple notebook. Feeling inspired? Add those fancy florals to the cover. You get the idea.

I have also intentionally left out the visual examples so that you will have ample creative freedom to fully pursue your own drawing inspiration. This article focuses on easy drawing ideas instead of drawing tips, so you don't feel the pressure to be excellent on all the drawing subjects (, which I suspect that's why most people feel stuck in the first place anyway).

This list is not ordered, so feel free to jump around. Start with something that speaks to you first. Get the momentum going. On the other side of the same coin, if you get the creative juices going with one list group and still feeling inspired (yay!), keep going with the same group and make up your own ideas until you are ready to switch up again.

Printables and Pinterest. Don't we all like a handy dandy printable PDF? Well, just let me know by filling in your info below. Not a paper person? No problem! Pin all the images in the post on your interest boards for your own reference.

Quick Tip for Beginners: When you see a drawing idea, think of the most abstract and simple way to draw it. Don't go realistic from the get-go. For example, a matchbox can be as simple as a rectangle. And of course, you can spend 3 hours filling in the details (textures, background, shading, typography, perspective, etc). Gauge your own creative gas tank, and decide how far you want to take the subject without being bogged down.

Drawing ideas by Esther Nariyoshi Drawing idea 01-10

Drawing ideas by Esther Nariyoshi Drawing ideas 01-10

Drawing ideas by Esther Nariyoshi Drawing idea 21-30

Drawing ideas by Esther Nariyoshi Drawing ideas 21-30

Drawing ideas by Esther Nariyoshi Drawing idea 41-50

Drawing ideas by Esther Nariyoshi Drawing ideas 41-50

Drawing ideas by Esther Nariyoshi Drawing idea 51-60

Drawing ideas by Esther Nariyoshi Drawing ideas 51-60

Drawing ideas by Esther Nariyoshi Drawing idea 61-70

Drawing ideas by Esther Nariyoshi Drawing ideas 61-70

Drawing ideas by Esther Nariyoshi Drawing idea 71-80

Drawing ideas by Esther Nariyoshi Drawing ideas 71-80

Drawing ideas by Esther Nariyoshi Drawing idea 81-90

Drawing ideas by Esther Nariyoshi Drawing ideas 81-90

Drawing ideas by Esther Nariyoshi Drawing idea 91-100

Drawing ideas by Esther Nariyoshi Drawing ideas 91-100

Geometric Shapes of 5

Just dots w/ 12 colors

One letter in 3D perspective

A serif letter

Letter our initials on a letterboard

Letter an airport initial

A pet name w/ 3 colors

One object w/in reach

A Coffee cup w/ latte art

Phone case w/ a funky pattern

A Credit Card from the Mars

Ideal place for vacay 

A color palette of 5 you love

A warm pair of fall socks 

Toaster w/ naan bread

Fridge w/ the door open

Waterbottles for bikers

Cups and mugs in a set

Alarm clock from the 80s

A Tea set from China

A modern quilt design

A Knife set for carving

A cast-iron pan w/ dinner in it

Microwave w/ a face

Fabric Napkins from 50 years ago

Apron w/ lace

Bananas in a cereal bowl

Apples of 3 kinds

Cheese w/ texture

Spicy crackers 

Fruit baskets from New Zealand

Avocados on a toast 

Irregular shaped Pancakes 

Fav. salad w/ Italian dressing

Steaming edamame on a plate

A Sans serif letter in detail

Pizza w/ 3 toppings

A slice of matcha cheesecake

A chocolate bar in odd flavor

Strawberries in a cake

Fish filet w/ a side dish

Waffles w/ 3 toppings

Smoothie of 3 ingredients

Pasta w/ sauce

A Fancy Toast from NYC

A slice of Sourdough Bread

Bacon or Tofu on rice

Dumplings after a bite

One item on your wishlist

Couch w/ a pretty cover

Calligraph your to-do list today

Clay earrings w/ 3 unique designs

Gingerbread man on a run

Icecream on a cone

Pumpkin spice Bubble tea 

Sushi roll w/ Salmon

Cupcakes for 6-year-olds

Plants w/ yellow flowers

Herbs on a pasta plate

Packaging of Sardines

Matchbox from Romania

A new art supply

A night lotion bottle

Essential oil w/ lavender scent

A jar of pickled asparagus

An open sketchbook

A notebook w/ a pretty cover

A second-hand nightstand

A piece of ceramic w/ speckles

A cat on the roof

Shoes w/ sparkles

Ukulele from Hawaii

Fuji Mountain in summer

A toy camera for boys

Summer hat w/ floral designs

A colonial house

A vegan dish for Wednesday

Your view from a cruise ship

An autumn leaf pile

A door hanging in December

A dress shirt w/ polka dots

A local summer mushroom

A tote bag for Saturdays

A painted rock

A spool of metallic thread

An NYC subway sign

A ball of ombre yarn

A knitting kit

The sweater texture on a mitten

A Turkish rug design

A pair of flipflop from Brasilia

A pair of bifocal glasses

A pumpkin w/ a chameleon on it

A collection of erasers

A tired brush pen

Cactus native to Arizona

Symmetrical fish

Asymmetrical butterflies

A phone w/ a rotary dial 

A picnic basket

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